Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shadow Mountain, Keep Your Kids Out

I had a kid at Shadow Mountain. After telling him that things were not working out, he was kicked out with a 48-hour notice to find a new place for him to go. Of course, the financial arrangements were not resolved until he was gone. I was told someone would call me. That did not happen.

My point is that my son was a high risk kid. They saw the paperwork. They saw the evaluation. They took him.

This blog is to make sure that no other family suffers financially and emotionally from this start-up program, Shadow Academy, which has neither professional staff nor good administrators. We are contacting the nationwide primary detox centers and all educational consultants by mail and phone to appraise them of these practices.

Look for daily posts about Shadow Mountain here. We are in the process of talking to other families who had children there.

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